There are children that don't yet have the knowledge for understanding the importance of their responsibility to the Chesapeake Bay.   A lot of them have never even seen or been around the water!  There is a whole underwater world that these children have not yet experienced!

A project has been created to raise awareness for children enrolled in the 6th grade at Meade Middle School on the importance of Chesapeake Bay conservation and educate them on the benefits and safety of the water.

This will be a two part event.  In Feb. 2012, 90 students will travel to the Maryland Science Center for the day.  First, they will explore the Blue Crab Exhibit.  Along the way they will meet live blue crabs in all life stages and diamondback terrapins.  They will learn about crab mating, molting and anatomy.  They will also be able to follow the path of the blue crab in its life journey through the Chesapeake Bay.  In addition to this, each student will attend a 45 minute class called "Solar Power".   They will warm up to renewable energy and explore the applications of solar power beyond the toy solar car.  Through dynamic demonstrations and a hands-on photovoltaic activity, students are enlightened to how the Sun's rays can generate both heat and electricity.  The tickets for this program have been generously donated by Mr. Bob Siciliano.

Part two will take approximately 220 children over a two day period to participate in some of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation programs in the fall.  They will travel to places such as the Arthur Sherwood Study Center, the Baltimore Harbor study center and the Merrill Center Education Program.  Experiences will include studies such as water quality testing, dredging for oysters, investigating environmental issues and trends and studying the ecosystem's biodiversity as they climb aboard a boat or canoe.

The possibilities for the children are that they will have a new appreciation for the bay that they will teach their friends and family what they have learned and the word will spread, that they may develop hobbies or even careers related to the water and that the clean up efforts will be under control.

The volunteers and donors will raise awareness of Chesapeake Bay conservation and get to be a part of giving underprivileged children an otherwise unrealized chance to learn about the water.  The goal of this project is that it will be offered to every incoming 6th grade class at Meade Middle School each year.

If you would like to make a difference for these children and have a lasting affect on future generations please donate to our cause.